Graduate Students

Sarah Chu is a PhD candidate in Curriculum & Instruction at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, specializing in Digital Media. Her research interests are centered on understanding deeply how people play with and learn from digital games and exhibits in museums. In particular, her work examines visitors’ development of scientific literacy through gameplay at science centers. Previously, she has designed and studied games for learning and has also done research on informal learning and literacy practices in massively multiplayer online games.

Alana Butler is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Education at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York with a specialization in Learning, Teaching, and Social Policy. In 2010, she was awarded a Social Sciences and Humanities Council of Canada doctoral fellowship for her dissertation study on Canada/U.S. diversity and inclusion policies in higher education. Her research interests include multicultural education, immigration studies, sociology of education, and critical race theory in education.

Melanie McBride is a year two doctoral student in York University’s joint program in Communication and Culture, where she is researching smell as a missing and under-examined modality of communication, culture and learning. As an HQP and RA with the EDGE lab, Melanie’s research has contributed to the conceptualization and development of inter-sensorially responsive, and socioculturally inclusive, tools and interfaces for learning. Prior to joining the lab, Melanie produced award-winning interactive new media for over two decades. An experienced educator, Melanie has taught and developed curriculum for secondary, post-secondary, post-graduate and industry programs. Melanie has represented her research with the EDGE lab at a variety of major educational, scholarly and industry events. Visit Melanie at:



Noah Kenneally, Early Childhood Studies, Ryerson University 2013

Yukari Seko, PhD,  Communication and Culture, York University 2012

Kate Raynes-Goldie, PhD Internet Studies, Curtin University 2012

Alison Gaston, MA ECS, Ryerson University, 2011

Magdalena Olszanowski, MA Communication and Culture, York University 2011


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