Lab safety and security

There is an emergency pull station in the cardboard room at the back of the room to the right of the window. If you think you are in danger and need help immediately, pull it.

There is a phone in the Mechatronics room, extension 3101. To call security in an emergency, dial 80.

To call security at other times, the number is 416.979.5040 or on the internal phone 5040. This number is also written on the chalkboard in the Mechatronics room. Please call security if:

  • you are working by yourself in the evenings or on weekends. As a safety precaution, you can let security know that you are alone in KHS45 (cardboard) or KHS45b (Mechatronics).
  • you feel unsafe but not in danger. Maybe you notice someone walking in the halls (although this does happen sometimes because students don’t realize they can’t get to their classes through this part of the building)
  • you want to open the windows or prop open the door for air flow. There are sensors on the doors and windows so security has to know when we open and close them. Do not keep the door open if you are working alone at times when no one else is in the building.
  • you hear a beep when you open the door for a while. If you open the door very wide, the sensor will not go off. If you open it a little, you will hear a beep. You should call security otherwise they will send someone over to check
  • if you want security to escort you to any location on the Ryerson campus.

Here’s a link to the Walk Safe Program and the areas it covers. It is available 24 hours a day.

Be aware of the latest major security incidents on campus and other services offered by security, including free self-defence classes for both men and women.


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