Adaptive Design Studio (2009-2015)

The adaptive design studio ran from (2009-2015), focusing on the creation of custom adaptations for children with disabilities.  The studio was affiliated with the Adaptive Design Association in NYC, and EDGE lab director, Jason Nolan, sat on the ADA advisory board.

Adaptive Design describes the process, techniques and philosophy of creating custom adaptations for children with disabilities out of readily available materials, largely cardboard. It is rooted in the notion of user-initiated design, whereby the design process starts with the user and her particular needs and goals, and the designer and fabricator are responsible for working to meet the needs and goals of the user. Adaptive design can be seen as a form of action research, in that the inquiry process is dedicated to a specific goal or outcome; one that may not be generalizable or transferable.

Read about some of our work in “Early Learning Centre uses cardboard to overcome physical and social barriers of child with special needs” and “NYC Adaptive Design Group for Special Needs Kids Set to Expand Globally

At present, participation is limited to member of the Ryerson community with a demonstrated interest in adaptive design. The lab renovations have just been completed, and we hope to be allowing some volunteers to work in the lab in the coming months. Please check back here for information periodically.

Thanks for your interest.


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