Jen Cole on ‘Original Cyborgs: Disability and Technology’

December 12th, 2012 by Rubina Quadri

GimpGirl director and EDGE Lab collaborator Jen Cole on “Original Cyborgs: Disability and Technology”:

When we think of deep integration with technology, disability is rarely thought of unless it is a direct focus. There are technologies being developed such aswheelchairs that are controlled by thoughtrobotic exoskeletons being developed primarily for people with spinal cord injuries to allow them to walk, andstair climbing wheelchairs. They are still clunky and imprecise (or ridiculously expensive and not covered by insurance), but perhaps indicative of future adaptive technology. The “cyborg chic” technologies such as “Skinput” style keyboards andwearable computer technology often are not accessible or designed with an eye to Universal Design concepts.


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