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Faculty of Community Services Student Achievement Event

November 19th, 2012

Students at the EDGE Lab recently showcased their work at the Faculty of Community Services Student Achievement Event. Interns Vivian Chan and Safiyah Nakhuda, featured the work they created during their field placement. Lab tech Rubina Quadri, presented a privacy divider built for a class research project about children’s privacy-seeking behaviour in group settings. Former intern Reilly Dow, created a poster summarizing what she learned at the Adaptive Design Association in New York when she was able to visit as part of her placement at the EDGE Lab.

These cardboard blocks made by Vivian Chan, are constructed to be a low cost alternative to expensive wooden block math sets.

Hard at work.
This assistive device, built by Safiyah Nakhuda, is used to help someone get out of a chair on their own.






























Geta chair holders

November 8th, 2012












Many interns and volunteers make a geta chairĀ (a.k.a. rockerĀ ) as a first project at the EDGE Lab. Volunteer Yuka, created customized shelving for them and a carrier so that they can be easily transported.

The carrier is painted by the EDGE Lab’s Artist in Residence, Sae Kimura.


We haz cardboard!

November 2nd, 2012

Our first big shipment of tri-wall cardboard for the Adaptive Design Studio at the EDGE Lab, with ECS Interns Vivian and Safiyah who helped with the unloading.