Projects Using Arduino

August 16th, 2012 by ewilfred

Many of the electronic projects made at the EDGE Lab use Arduino

It is an inexpensive software and hardware package that can be used to quickly make prototypes. It is also a buildable, programmable device.

Arduino can be purchased on their website.

Here are some of the projects that Vlad and the EDGE Lab have created.

The Talking Sleeve uses an Arduino wave shield to program the words that we hear when the patches are pressed.

Musical Play Dough

The conductive play dough is hooked up to an audio synthesizer. When it is squeezed or stretched out the sound frequency changes.

Here is a link to the play dough recipe

Maze Solver

This is a little car that solves mazes. It has a sensor on the bottom that detects black lines to follow. We made a maze using electrical tape. It is programmed using Arduino to solve the maze.


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