Finishing My Rocker

August 16th, 2012 by ewilfred

During my first week at the Lab I started my first cardboard project: the EDGE Lab Rocker.

I’ve documented the process since then of the steps that I’ve taken to finish this project.

When I left off I had the layers of cardboard for the base and the legs glued together. Once it was dry I needed to sand the edges to make sure they were fairly even. This is especially important  for the legs in order to have a stable seat.










The next step was to carve out to spaces to slide the legs in.












I then had to use a hot glue gun to stick the legs into the slots and nail them into place using dowels.









It’s starting to come together!





After nailing the dowels in, there were some weak spots in the legs. To make the weak spots stronger, I used a mixture of wood shavings and glue to fill in the holes. When it’s dry it becomes really hard.






Once this was dry I needed to sand all the edges one last time before I started a step called edging.









Edging smooths over the unfinished edges of any cardboard project. This process was sticky and messy. It reminded me of doing paper mache.

Here is my rocker completely edged and dry. I needed to sand the rough spots and smooth out any overlaps in the paper.







Once that is done it is time to prime and paint the rocker.






Overall I had a great time finishing this rocker. The most challenging part was in the beginning with cutting and gluing the cardboard. I quickly learned that selecting the right type of cardboard makes a huge difference in the quality and strength of the project.  The great thing about making projects out of recycled cardboard is if you make a mistake, it’s not costly to try again.


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