Volunteer Projects

August 9th, 2012 by ewilfred

Here are some projects that volunteers are currently working on at the EDGE Lab:

Lab volunteer Charlie decided to make a set of drums out of tall tubes of cardboard. He has tubes of different sizes and is also trying out different materials for the skin. In the picture below he used tape.












Any changes he makes to the tubes alters the sound it will make. Here he is adding holes to the side.

















Instead of using drumsticks, he decided to use something different. Here is a picture below:



















When the string is pulled the lever will hit the drum. He attached a weight at the end of the string so the lever can easily bounce back.












He eventually wants to create multiple tubes and levers of different sizes to create a range of sounds.


Yuka has just completed a small table. The first picture shows her completed table but she soon realized that it can be tipped over easily. The legs that were on the table below did not provide enough support.

table with no base












She added a base to add extra support.










She is currently working on making a holder for the many rockers we have.












The piece in the picture below will support one rocker when it is on the shelf.










Here are a few of the support shelves attached to the base.











…almost finished…








Now all she needs to do is add some dowels for extra support.

Here it is being tested












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