Working with Cardboard for the First Time

July 12th, 2012 by ewilfred

After watching an instructional video on how to make the EDGE Lab’s famous rocker I decided to start the process on my first day. Here is a link to the two videos that break the steps down:

On cutting
On gluing

There are many stages in making a rocker, which can take one or two days to complete because after the gluing steps the cardboard needs several hours to dry completely before moving on.










Above is the template I used and the first piece I cut.  It was harder than I thought it would be to use a utility knife to cut the cardboard in a straight line. I later learned that using a ruler to guide the knife helps to make straighter lines. I had to cut 4 of these out and then glue them together. This will be used to make the seat of the rocker.









I then had to cut smaller pieces for the legs and glue them the same way. These glued pieces are then placed under something heavy so they can dry flat. I placed mine under an old computer tower.









The next morning I was excited to retrieve my work from the day before. The two pieces for the legs were completely dried and much strong. The base however was dented from the weight of the computer tower and it was not completely dry. After consulting with Rubina, the lab technician, we came to the conclusion that not all cardboard is made alike. The cardboard that I used for the seat was a bit softer than the cardboard I used for the legs. I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t continue with the making of the EDGE Lab Rocker. I will have to start a new base with different cardboard another day.



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