Preparing Students to Learn Without Us

February 1st, 2012 by Jason

Will Richardson’s post Preparing Students to Learn Without Us features EDGELab’s grad student Melanie and her thoughts on autonomous learning.

Melanie McBride, a Toronto-based educator and researcher with Ryerson University’s Experiential Design and Gaming Environments lab, echoes that sentiment.

Personal and autonomous learning is self-directed and self-selected according to the learner’s own needs, preferences, and learning arrangements … Truly autonomous and personal learning means making our own choices about what we wish to play or learn with, whom we wish to learn with or from, where we want to do this learning, when we prefer to learn or play, and how we want to learn. (personal communication, October 3, 2011).

BTW, we have just published a paper on the topic of children and autonomy:
The Stranger Danger: Exploring Surveillance, Autonomy, and Privacy in Children’s Use of Social Media

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