We can has visitors

July 19th, 2011 by Melanie

EDGElab was a hub of tinkering, learning and play today with visits from a variety of VSPs (Very Special People) including classroom2.0 pioneer and author Will Richardson, Tinkering Club’s Andy Forest, and Mohan Nadarajah, founder of the non-profit PlayLab.

Will Richardson’s visit was especially resonant to the teachers in our lab, who are working towards a brighter, more playful and inclusive vision of education. It was fun and inspiring to visit with Will, which made us all feel more optimistic about what is possible. There will always be a beanbag and a game controller for Will at our lab :)

Connecting with our work in adaptive design, Andy Forest was by to talk about his Tinkering Camp, a small Toronto-based project for inner city children inspired by Gever’s Tulley’s Tinkering School ideas. In a few weeks, we’ll be hosting a visit with kids from his club to our Adaptive Design Studio where lab RA Noah Kenneally will be teaching them about cardboard construction.

Finally, Playlab’s Mohan Nadarajah was interested in knowing how to apply our research into practices that support child-directed, open-ended autonomous learning and make his PlayLab space available to more children. Mohan and the lab are exploring ways to support his work and share ideas.

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